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7 Naughty and Fun things Ideas to start New Year

7 Naughty and Fun things Ideas to start New Year

Starting the new year with a sense of fun and playfulness is a great way to set a positive tone!

Here are some "naughty but nice" ideas that you can consider:

1.Midnight Prank Call to a Friend: Make a lighthearted prank call to a close friend at midnight. Maybe pretend to be a radio show host offering them a fake prize or a fictional character wishing them Happy New Year.

2.Fancy Dress Theme Party: Host a New Year's Eve party with a playful theme. Encourage guests to dress up in costumes that are humorous or slightly mischievous.

3.Treasure Hunt at Home: Organize a treasure hunt with a twist. Hide clues around your house that lead to a 'treasure' which could be a funny gag gift or a naughty joke item.

4.Flash Mob Dance in Public: Organize a flash mob with friends in a public place. Dance to a fun, upbeat song and surprise passersby with your impromptu performance.

5.Cook a Mischievous Meal: Prepare a meal with a twist for your family or friends. You could use food coloring to change the color of dishes, or shape foods into funny or suggestive forms.

Other option is to buy naughty cakes online. It's either buying a boobs cake or a sperm cake. Giving a naughty cake can be a way of showing affection in a playful, non-serious manner, which can be refreshing in a relationship, a nice way to start your year.

6.Secret Resolution Exchange: Write down funny or slightly naughty resolutions and have everyone at your party draw one from a hat. They have to try to stick to this resolution for the year (or at least for a day).

7.Silly String Fight at Midnight: At the stroke of midnight, have a silly string fight with your friends or family. It’s a fun and messy way to ring in the new year.

Remember, the key to these activities is to ensure they are all in good spirits and that everyone involved is comfortable and having a good time. Always be considerate of others and aim for laughs without crossing the line into anything that could be offensive or unwelcome. Happy New Year! 🎉🥳

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